Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Kobo launch new eReaders

 A few weeks ago Amazon launched the new version of the popular Paperwhite eReader, and now Kobo have released an all new version of its reader with a stylus for taking notes while reading.

The new Sage and Libra 2 have been introduced by Kobo with screen improvements for more comfortable reading, new features that include support for speakers and Bluetooth headphones for reading. audiobooks, in addition to stylus pen support for taking notes while reading in Kobo Sage.

There is no doubt that the stylus is a great addition to the eReader and in terms of reading and screen quality, the Kobo is comparable to the Kindle range of eReaders but for me the Kindle, particularly the flagship Oasis model stands out and is just that bit better. Though Kobo does have the advantage in that Kobo eReaders are able to read more formats than Kindle devices, and you can even access the free OverDrive ebook library service. Though given Amazon's massive eBook library and the availably of free software like Calibre, which allows the user to convert any eFile to a Kindle friendly format for sideloading I still think the Kindle has the edge. That's just my personal opinion though and the Kobo range are very very good....very good indeed.

Still if the stylus floats your boat  then the new Kobo is definitely a nice piece of kit.


John Kerry said...

One thing to note is that Kobo is the dominant device in Canada. It is the one sold in Indigo/Chapters, our national bookstore chain, and also the one that most, if not all, libraries use for their eBook collections.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I knew Kobo was successful in Canada but I didn't realise it had market does the Kindle do out there?