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Thursday, 30 April 2009

First edition June issue line-up

Issue 4 of First Edition Magazine,cover dated June 2009, the UK's new fiction magazine, will be hitting bookshops and newsagents May 7th and the contents list has just been announced on their website. Good to see Jack Martin's A Man Called Masters listed there. I wonder how long it's been since we've had a western short story at UK newsagents?

"Published monthly, this high-quality 'coffee-break' magazine gives a wide range of exclusive writing talent from many different genres. There is no other magazine available in the market that is solely dedicated to unpublished and unsigned authors."

June 2009 - Issue 04

Short Stories
# Martin Issit - Bridge to Nowhere
# MFW Curran - The Favourite
# Marit Meredith - The Mirror Image
# Paul Eccentric - A Better Place
# Keith Large - Beware of the Carrot Nappers
# Sarah Evans - Reaching the top
# Jaimé Henley - Wearing Pants Outside Your Tights
# James Stewart - Escape From Heaven
# Andrew Jones - The Moment
# Mike Deller - The Push
# Howard Pattison - The War Before This
# Sally Jenkins - Last Summer
# Jack Martin - A Man Called Masters
# Joanna Campbell - Benches

Poetry and Prose
# Keith Stevens - Annual Letters
# Fenella Duncan - Coming to Life on the A35
# Wendy Crompton - The Dress
# Paul Dance - Dolores and Rodney
# Judie Gelling - A Loose Leaf
# Martin McCallion - Earthlings Unbound
# Emily Levick - Losing Man's Best Friend
# Josh Nichols - Lady Shalotte
# Aine Wood - A True Friend
# Gary Wilson - Saturday (night) Dramatica
# Carolyn Martin - Cleaning The Bath
# Una E. Hogan - A Kiss
# Richard Hassell - Cut Me Loose
# Mark Baker - Guts for glory
# Lane Mathias - Love Like Moss
# Sally Clarke - Old Photograph

# Bobbie Darbyshire - The Real McCoy part four

# Andy McDermott


Richard Prosch said...

Congrats, Gary. "A Man Called Masters" is a great story!

Nik Morton said...

Congratulations, Gary.
Glad to see the magazine is still going strong. I sent them a story but haven't heard either way yet...

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Nik - it too about eight weeks with me I think. Sent it just after the first issue so sit tight.

Paul D Brazill said...

Congrats. And it is a fantastic story.