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Friday, 3 April 2009

Post Audition Blues

Today I went for an audition for a corporate video made for a group of solicitors - the finished film will be shown in training presentations and will also be available online on the company's website. There were two parts up for grabs - a detective Constable and the managing director of a firm who is being charged with manslaughter.

I didn't feel too confident at first (I'd been up most of the night with dental pain) but I read both parts and I felt surprised at how well it went, especially the managing director part because I felt the character more than I did the policeman. There were also a spate of differing emotions in the part, starting off as confident and brash and ending as a broken man. It really is a meaty part and requires a gradual breakdown on camera.

I left the audition confident and within a hour my agent was on the telephone, congratulating me on getting the part of the managing director.

Filming next Tuesday - so I'm on a high at the moment.