Monday 13 April 2009

Crimewav - new episode available now

The new edition of Crimewav features a story by fellow Hale author, Rafe Mcgregor. I'm a huge fan of Crimewav, it's one of the best crime fiction podcasts on the web and I subscribe via Itunes.

I'll hand you over to writer Seth Hardwood to tell you all about the latest offering:

This is episode 33 of the CrimeWAV: we go overseas for Rafe McGregor's "Blue Mail."

Yes. And because the number 33 is special, I'd like to dedicate this episode to old Larry Bird, who was looking terrible at this week's NCAA championship game. Here's to feeling OK when you wake up in the morning, Larry.

Rafe McGregor worked in law enforcement for eleven years before becoming a crime fiction author. He writes both historical and hardboiled mysteries, and enjoys reading Philip Marlowe as much as Sherlock Holmes.

His first novel, The Architect of Murder, was published in February: twenty thousand war dead, the will of the wealthiest man in the Empire, the coronation of Edward VII, and a hero with post traumatic stress disorder… murder and mayhem on the mean streets of 1902 Westminster. Awesome!!

You can find Rafe online at either or

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Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds worth checking out.

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