Monday, 13 September 2021

New Kindle updates around the corner

 Amazon are to roll out new updates to their eReader devices over the next few weeks, that the company claim will improve on an already great reading experience - Amazon is introducing a new interface for the Kindle devices which the brand claims will offer a more intuitive and easier Kindle reading experience. The new interface is expected to come with software updates that are expected to start rolling out next week. As per a report by PCMag, Amazon is set to roll out the new interface in two major updates.

The first update is expected to bring a smartphone-like navigation bar to the Amazon Kindle e-book readers. The navigation bar will make moving through the interface much easier. The readers are also set to get quick toggles when users swipe down from the top. These toggles will feature controls for changing the brightness and toggling Airplane Mode.

The second update will reportedly focus on improving the eBook pages themselves. A minor update to Home will bring readers up to 20 recently opened books at a time, but the Library tab is set to get new filters, a new collections view and a scrollbar. These features will make finding the right book quicker and easier.

The release notes for Kindle software upgrades usually don’t include much detail. Since the updates roll out gradually, it can take a while to see new features on your device. Recent updates have included bug fixes and performance improvements that made starting a new book much faster. Users with ad-free devices got a new lockscreen that displays a book cover. 

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