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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

eBooks overtake regular book sales on Amazon for the first time

The writing is on the digital wall...eBooks are here to stay.

Amazon sold more electronic books than physical books on Christmas Day, due to the popularity of the Kindle e-reader, the online retailer reported. It was the first time e-books had led in sales.

In addition, the Kindle has become the most gifted item ever on Amazon, according to the company, which did not release sales numbers.

Amazon's peak sales day this year was Dec. 14, when customers ordered a record 9.5 million items worldwide, or 110 items per second. The news impressed investors who pushed Amazon stock up nearly 2%.


Charles Gramlich said...

I never would have thought this would happen so soon. Amazing. Ebooks are here to stay for sure it would appear.

Chap O'Keefe said...

Ed Gorman has set an illuminating debate under way at his His commenters reveal that much of Amazon's achievement is largely on the back of free books. The aim, we are told, is to sell Kindle e-readers and make Amazon "the only game in town". Where this leaves writers, publishers, printers, other booksellers and ultimately readers is anybody's guess.