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Sunday, 20 December 2009


Currently sitting at NO1 in the UK charts, ahead of the X-factor winner, Joe Mcbland or something- when the charts for the past week are announced tonight the number one single will take the coveted Christmas Number One slot. Let's hope Rage against the Machine do it and show Simon Cowell that his inane, plastic music show is not representative of the genuine musical talent struggling to break through in an industry that is becoming increasingly tacky thanks to shows like the X-Factor. And speaking of X-Factor - what the F%$k was Paul McCartney thinking of with his appearance last week? No one can take away the genius Macca's given us over the years but he's finally gone and become Barry Manilow.

Ahh well - that's the rage from this aging ex-punk.


G said...

Probably the only reason why RATM is sitting at number one is that they managed to hype their reformation for the past three years or so.

Create enough hype about a band that inexplicably broke up some three or four years ago, they'll be guaranteeed to come back with both barrels blazing.

Question remains: will the hype match the music?

Especially in the U.S., where the charts are saturated with everything except rock.

Interestingly enough, my word verification is "mangle".

Oh, I do like RATM's music.

I just don't like their politics.

I.J. Parnham said...

I don't get this facebook campaign. When I were a lad the only requirements for a band to be cool were that they did 18 minute guitar solos in every song and they on no account ever released a song that made the charts. The charts are there for the X-factor nonsense, and yet here's a campaign saying stop acting like sheep by buying some karoake nonsense, and instead prove you're an individual by all buying something else instead. Sigh, kids today!


The RATM single is a few years old but I am glad it looks to have kept the yearly karaoke single from the top spot.

Anonymous said...

if you buy joes single. you are essentially listening to an auto tune with a backing track. My dog has more emotion than that song. Rage Against The X

Ben Willans said...

To I.J. Parnham.

Gary will confirm that I like a decent bit of prog. But there have been times when the charts were at least partially representative of the best music. In the mid 60s to early 70s you had the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, Bowie et al as both really popular/successful and really innovative and creative artist.

The Punk and britpop era's did the same thing albeit to a much lesser extent.

Of course it was never perfect, Englebert Humperdink kept Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane off the top spot in the 60s.

But now there is virtually no correlation between the really good artists that are out there today and the charts.