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Friday, 11 December 2009


Radio Four produces some wonderful programmes as part of the Afternoon Play - this week they broadcast a topical play in which a teacher is arrested for assualt on a young woman after a match to his DNA is found on the girl. The play written by Peter Kesterton uses mathematics theory and is chillingly scary with an astounding twist at the end.

The play is still available HERE and I urge anyone who like intelligent crime dramas to give it a listen.

Crime thriller by Peter Kesterton about guilt, mathematical proof and statistics.

Maths lecturer Jonathan is arrested for an attempted assault on a young woman. The case against him is overwhelming: the attacker's DNA has been found on the victim and the forensic scientists show that there is a million to one chance that the DNA is Jonathan's. Can Jonathan uses his statistical knowledge to get himself off the hook?

Jonathan Lambert ...... Andy Morton
Robinson ...... Christian Rodska
Chloe ...... Alex Tregear
Katrina/Forensic scientist ...... Saskia Portway
Mrs Lambert ...... Pameli Benham
Lawyer ...... Jilly Bond

Directed by Jolyon Jenkins.

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