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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Seth Harwood -

Seth Harwood made a splash by podcasting his novel, Jack Wakes Up - so successful was the podcast that he secured a major publishing deal. Well now Seth's moving into eBooks and he wants our help with his first tentative steps into the murky worlds of ePublishing.

Over to you, Seth


Now is the time to go to the Amazon Kindle store;
to help me with my Kindle Publishing Experiment;
I've released my short story collection
A Long Way from Disney on the Kindle for just $.99
and am rushing the charts today to let the world
know that it's here.

Please help me by forwarding and spreading this email,
and/or going here to Amazon to buy the

Note: You DO NOT need a Kindle to buy!
You can use these software downloads to set yourself
up as a Kindle reader with any iPhone/iPod Touch or PC computer! Easy-peasy.
Get software: Kindle App for iPhone;
Kindle PC software.;



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