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Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Serenade to the pulps

One of the best book review blogs on the entire web is Pulp Serenade run by the inimitable Cullen Gallagher - it's almost as active as the Archive itself so when recently the blog fell silent for a few weeks we, in the blogosphere were all worried - had Cullen had his phone hacked by The News of the World and thus gone to ground? Had he been spirited away by pulp loving aliens?  Was he on a secret mission behind enemy lines? Well apparently not - he's just been busy. Anyway it was great to see Pulp Serenade burst back into life this week and doubly nice to see a review of Archive friend Chap O'Keefe's  (it was he who wrote this week's Sunday comics) excellent Misfit Lil  Cheats the Hangrope - HERE

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