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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Look out for The Reverend

I’m looking forward to this movie – director Neil Jones tell us – “We open theatrically in the UK on October 14th, our big launch will be at the British Horror Film Festival at the Empire in Leicester Square, I’m really excited for the release date, I really believe The Reverend brings something fresh to the genre and I believe the novel will be released at a similar time. We’re working on a US release date now as soon as we have that I’ll let you know! For tickets for horror festival please visit”

As I say I’m eager to see this one – and not only because Neil’s a good friend and I’m in the movie and get seriously gored up, but also because when I read the script I was bowled over – seriously, you wouldn’t think it was possible for someone to come up with an original slant on the vampire mythos but Neil has done just this, describing the film in an interview HERE as, Death Wish with bites.

The cast here are awesome – not only do we have the great Rutger Hauer but also Bafta winning, Stuart Brennan and a certain Doug (Pinhead) Bradley. Of course the fact that a certain Gary Dobbs otherwise known as Jack Martin and Vincent Stark also appears briefly will cut no ice with you lot, but believe me my involvement with the film was great fun and gruesomely gory.

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