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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Startling new Jack the Ripper evidence my finally solve the case

In  my 2009 novel, A Policeman's Lot I offered a new take on the infamous Jack the Ripper murders - My story cast doubt over the death of the fifth official victim, Mary Kelly and even went so far to suggest that there was no Ripper as such, and that the final victim may have been the key to the atrocities. The book was fiction true enough but I firmly believed the explanation for the killings in the novel and now new evidence has knocked me off my feet - The BBC are reporting that new evidence is rewriting what we know about the JACK THE RIPPER CASE - maybe they've been reading A Policeman's Lot.

The Jack the Ripper murders provoked a nationwide panic whipped up by press sensationalism. Violence, especially violence with a sexual frisson, sold newspapers. But violent crime never figured significantly in the statistics or in the courts. In A Policeman's Lot, I suggested that only four of the killings were done by the same hand and that the final killing enabled the killer to escape because....well, I've already given too much away but read the book

"Fresh material has come to light which may suggest she was not Mary Kelly but someone else," says Marriott. "If that is the case, there is a motive and likely suspects for her murder."DR Xanthe Mallet, University of Dundee

If that is the case it also adds credence to the theory put out there in my novel.

The new evidence will be presented on the BBC's National Treasure's Live which will be broadcast tonight on BBC1 tonight.

A Policeman's Lot by Gary M Dobbs is available in both print and eBook.

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Howard said...

Jack the Ripper has always held a particular fascination for me. Since I first saw the Star Trek episode Wolf in the Fold, I've wondered about Red Jack, even using him in one of my Black Horse Westerns and an amped up Jack in my upcoming novel The Golden Amazon:Ripper Burning Bright. This should be a fascinating program and your novel sounds like a great read.

walking tour london said...

I'm afraid, we need more evidences to solve Ripper's mystery. Still a long way to go... Can't give my verdict based on these evidences. lol