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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ripper's back again

Once more a new suspect has popped up in the Jack the Ripper mystery and this time the detective leading the manhunt has been named - Suspects have ranged from a member of Royal Family to a local butcher – but it is now claimed that Jack the Ripper was the very detective who led the hunt for the killer.

Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline of Scotland Yard was the man who murdered and mutilated at least five women in Victorian East London – at least according to Spanish writer Jose Luis Abad, 84. He makes the claim in his book Jack the Ripper: The Most Intelligent Murderer in History, published in Spain this week.Mr Abad is a handwriting expert and has compared Abberline’s writing with that in the Ripper’s diary – which surfaced in Liverpool in 1992.

Of course the main problem with this theory is that the diary, which actually named James Meybrick has the Ripper, as been proven to be an hoax.

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