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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Invasion of the Elvis impersonators

It's the same every year - the Welsh coastal village of Porthcawl is swamped with Elvis's from all over the world, here to celebrate Europe's biggest Elvis festival - this morning I had to wait at a zebra crossing while an old woman with a small dog and three Elvis Presley's crossed the road. The beach, windswept and looking desolate in the September chill, was full of Elvis's on horseback. It's all quite bizarre and left me , all shook up.

This weekend thousands upon thousands of Elvis fans will fill the hotels and pubs around Porthcawl - it's all great fun though and I'm hoping to catch a few of the shows - there's something entertaining in watching scores of Elvis's compete to be the year's official best Elvis.

The Grand Pavilion will tonight host the Elvies the annual award for the best Elvis impersonator - I kid you not.

Below the Archive presents a video of Rocking Dave Riley at last year's festival.

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