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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Kindle still too restrictive

Apparently the third generation Kindle is a pretty mean piece of kit and will in most likelihood emerge as the market leader in the eBooks stakes, but there is still one barrier to perfection that puts me off the device - that is the lack of ePub support.
No ePub for Kindle

I makes no sense why Amazon would once again leave ePub compatibility  out of their current generation of devices. It is  understandable why they would want to continue with AZW and their own DRM for content sold on their own store, but , Amazon doesn’t sell every electronic book that you can possibly buy. And surely they don't think it is fair to make it that every Kindle owner has to buy from Amazon alone?

Amazon’s competitors, Barnes & Noble, SONY and Apple have embraced both DRM-free and DRM-enabled versions of EPUB. And the format does look like becoming the industry standard for all but Amazon.

Customers who own other eReaders and fancy upgrading to a Kindle will be unable to drag their eLibrary across. And  will have to buy their content again if they want to read it on one of those cool looking Kindle devices.

As tempted as I am by the new low price of the Kindle (I did pre-order one but then cancelled when I'd thought about it.) I think that for now I'll stuck with my less restricted Sony eReader.

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