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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Strangers on a Film

'By 1950 I had almost pulled myself free from this primordial swamp that is Hollywood.' Raymond Chandler.

Chandler was no fan of the Hollywood machine and the way it chewed up writers in order to churn out scripts to keep the cogs turning and deliver product to the silver screen.

'If actors are cattle then writers are thoroughbred horses,' Alfred Hitchcock

Chandler and Hitchcock would work together on the movie, Strangers on a Train based on the book by Patricia Highsmith. The result was a disaster with Chandler's script being tossed aside, but the writer still received a writers credit. The BBC Radio play, quite excellent it is too, embedded below tells the whole story. Star Trek's Patrick Stewert plays Chandler, while Clive Swift is Hitchcock. The play was First broadcast at 14.15 on 29/09/2011 for Afternoon Drama

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