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Thursday, 31 May 2018

The Walking Dead now waiting for the fat lady to take the stage

Walking away
The Walking Dead, AMC's once essential show, has been on shakey ground for awhile and reports are that its rating are in free fall - the last episode wimped out on a big climax to the Negan storyline instead, keeping the character we all wanted to see beaten to death with his own baseball bat alive. The season also lost Chandler Riggs (reports later surfaced that he was fired) and now it has been confirmed that the lead star, Andrew Lincon is to leave the show at the end of the next season.

 Andrew Lincoln will be growling his way through the post-apocalyptic setting for just one more season before calling it quits. And while is is not known how the  founding character makes his exit, it has been reported  that fans can only expect to see Lincoln in half-a-dozen episodes of the upcoming season.

The show runners are hoping that pushing the popular Norman Reedus into the starring role, will save the show but I can't help feeling that someone should have trusted frank darabont in the first place and not replace him after a first season that has never been bettered throughout the show. This show will go down in history as one of the most promising shows on TV transforming into a mismanaged, boring, self destructive shell of its former self. It’s a sinking ship, proved by the fact that all of the remaining stars are leaving as fast as they can.

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