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Wednesday, 27 August 2008


A recent post commented on duplicate covers on several books. It was noted that Chap O'keefe's Sons and Gunslicks shared a cover with Louis L'amour's Killkenny.

Following this I interviewed the author and a internet friendship has sprung up. He's a writer I enjoy and respect and for a writer just starting out, waiting on the publication of my first one, ten months and counting, it's great to have him at the end of an email.

Today he alerted of the cover art for his latest Lillian Goodnight adventure, Misfit Lil Cleans Up. He's pleased with the image chosen and I must admit it has a classy old school look about it.

For information on the book check out the author's own article here -CLICK CLICK CLICK

And while there take a browse around the free online black horse western magazine. The article " CAN A BLACK HORSE WESTERN BE NOIR?" is especially interesting

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