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Thursday, 14 August 2008


GREAT WESTERN FICTION the new fiction magazine that is single handedly championing the western short story on the newstands is back with its second issue. The magazine is published monthly by Dry River Publishing and anyone interested in westerns should support this wonderful publication.

The second issue's line up is:

Younger and Faster by Mike Thompson
Miss Annie by Kit Prate
Whiskey Trail by Jerry Guin
Suffer the children by Wes Parker

The prodigal (part 2 of a serialised novel) by We Parker
Bound for Texas (part 2 of a serialised novel) by Kit Prate
Cowgirl Up by Patricia Probert Gott

This month's cover image is by Nancy Ruybal and I must say I like it a lot.

The magazine reminds me in style of SCI- FI giant Interzone during it's early days and the only thing I'd like to see added would be a letters page in which the writer's could get valuable feedback. I've spoken to the editor about this but his opinion is that the magazine should be purely fiction and you have to respect that. After all the mag has no adverts at all and survives purely on subscriptions only so please visit the link above and buy an issue.

Issue three is trailed on the inside back cover and as well as stories from Patricia Probert Gott and Christopher Scott the magazine features my USA publishing debut with The Devil's Right Hand by Jack Martin. So I'm looking forward to that one.

66 pages of pure western action.

Well worth a few bucks.

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Unknown said...

Hi. I am a writer who loves westerns. I write western short stories, as well as stories that are not western. I'd love to submit something to Great Western Fiction. Could you email me and tell me where to read your submission guidelines and where to send a story. Thanks. Tom Gilman