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Monday, 18 August 2008


A brutal killing in a New York taxi.
A close friend arrested for the murder.
Old instincts die hard for ex-cop Joseph Soyinka.

Joseph made many enemies fighting corruption but refused to be intimidated – until his wife was killed and his life destroyed. Now he lives with his young son in the anonymous safety of New York City. By day he drives a yellow cab. By night he tries to forget about the past.

Joseph knows his friend Cyrus is not a murderer, but he is involved in something – and he’s in way over his head. The only way to find the real killer is to take Cyrus’s place in a deadly game."

Runaway Minister

Nick Curtis




Situation: Code Red

The Assassin: If all goes to plan, Hazbi Dunja will die slowly, in agony, away from the world. His pretty female aide will be an added bonus – and revenge will have been worth waiting for.

The Assignment: Charlie Paddon and his straight-talking partner, Alex Chappell are the Diplomatic Protection Unit's best. They must escort Dunja – the Croatian foreign minister – safely to London.
Only the moment his plane touches on British soil, the minister vanishes.

The race is on – and the clock is ticking…

A Narrow Escape

Faith Martin




A career on the rocks, a reputation on the line

Under internal investigation for corruption - thanks to her late husband - Oxfordshire DI Hillary Greene is fighting to save her career. When a body is found in the canal, she knows she’s only been given the case as it’s a straightforward matter of accidental death. Something to keep her quiet.

But when her investigation points to murder – and involves the local drug lord – she realises this is much bigger than anyone expected. And DI Greene’s not about to let anyone stop her from nailing the killer.

Murder Plot

Lance Elliot




Murder is in the air

It’s 1975. Lord Lucan has been named as the murderer of Sandra Rivett. And in a quietly anonymous London suburb, it seems that murder is most certainly in the air...

Retired hard-man Charlie Daniels dies on his allotment. Verdict: death by natural causes. But Dr Lance Elliot isn’t so sure. Especially when more local residents start dying…

With the caustic Inspector Masson looking over his shoulder, he is soon uncovering the murky secrets of the Thornton Heath Horticulture and Allotment Association in his hunt for the killer. And even Lance himself will discover that the past has a nasty habit of not staying buried forever…

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