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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Amazon selling a pervert's handbook

Amazon will be embarressed that after hiding away many of the eBooks in the erotica section, they are now selling a book that claims to teach perverts how to Creepshot - that's taking secret pics of hot women in order to view later and ....well, I guess bash the bishop. So Amazon recently took the stance of hiding erotica fiction in order to protect public morals but are now selling a kind of pervert's handbook

  “Have you been interested in taking pictures or videos of those sexy young women you see around town?” asks the promotional copy on Amazon for the eBook.' Well you’ve probably looked up how to creepshot but all you got was half baked advice, that barely taught you much. “Creep shooting is an art form, and in this book I go fully into detail and tell you EXACTLY what to do before, during, and after you take creep shots.'

The blub for the book then goes onto say - 'This is part one, I will be publishing part two where I will breakdown for you how to take upskirts, in the meantime learn the information that I have taught you here and when the second book comes out you'll be ready to take great upskirt.'

Amazon have not responded to an email I sent asking about the legality this book, so it leaves me to wonder whatever next -

The Good ePerverts Guide?
Stalking for Beginners?
 Underwear Sniffing on a budget?

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