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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Clint Eastwood once again before the camera

Great news that Clint Eastwood is to step back in front of the camera to star in The Mule.

Clint and the real Leo Sharp
Backstage reports that - One elderly man is taking his last act to contend with drug cartels—and the law. Clint Eastwood is nearing a deal to direct and star in “The Mule.” The project, which stems from a New York Times Magazine article by Sam Dolnick, will focus on a decorated World War II vet who is slapped with a prison sentence at the age of 90. The sentence comes after the man is caught smuggling drugs for the infamously brutal Sinaloa Cartel. While 87-year-old Eastwood is the only one in talks for the project at the moment, Geoffrey Miclat is casting additional roles. Production on the Warner Bros. film is anticipated to begin this summer, near the beginning of June. The exact shooting location is not known, but it will likely take place in Georgia.

The Mule chronicles the real-life experiences of Leo Sharp. The 90-year-old was an award-winning horticulturist and decorated World War II veteran known for his prized lilies when he was busted for running drugs for Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel, and sent to prison. He was transporting $3 million worth of cocaine through Michigan in his beat-up old pickup truck when he was nabbed by the DEA. Sharp was sentenced to just three years after his lawyer argued that his client’s dementia sent him down the wrong path.

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