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Monday, 9 April 2018

The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale - BIG FAT SPOILERS

Next week season 8 of The Walking Dead ends with, what promises, to be an all action episode that finally brings the Rick/Negan storyline to a close. And about time too - the show's run out of stem and Negan has become something of a bore. I've more or less given up on the show but will be watching the finale to see how things pan out.

However a SPOILER going around the web may reveal what happens - it all sounds pretty plausible and so here's goes the SPOILER: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

 Remember back when Negan had everyone on their knees at the end of the last season, and he ended up killing Abraham and Glenn. Well, it is going down again, and these are the ten people involved.

The group surrender to Negan to spare the lives of everyone else. Negan is going to execute them all to end the war; he puts Rick’s crew in front of a firing squad of Saviors and orders them to fire.
The Saviors open fire on Rick’s group! All is lost, everyone is going to be killed, but the guns do not fire instead they explode killing most of the Saviors. Negan is in shock, but soon realizes it was Eugene. Negan goes after Eugene and tries to shoot him, but Dwight intervenes.
Both Eugene and Dwight have betrayed their respective sides; this is a bit of redemption for the both of them.
Negan ends up taking off into the woods and is caught by Rick. Rick takes him prisoner and puts Negan into the cell Morgan built. Rick walks into the cell and says:
This is where you die,” to Negan.
The episode ends with Rick’s words.
Trouble is that if the above turns out to be true, it seems that Negan will join Rick's team, as the future scenes splattered throughout this season seem to indicate, and if that happens then the show will have gone well and truly off the boil. We all want to see Negan's head bashed in with Lucille, preferably with Maggie in control of the bat.

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