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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Sinister Minister

I was sent a review copy of The Frighteners by Peter Laws, and I found it really interesting with the author presenting his case for why we are attracted to all things creepy in a lucid and persuasive way, but when I set out to find out more about the author I was truly intrigued.

'During the research for my new book The Frighteners I’ve hung out with real-life “vampires” who drink actual blood, barristers who devote their life to searching for ghosts and young mums who save their money to buy strands of hair from the world’s most savage serial killers. I’ve crept through the underground crypts of Rome and I’ve back stage tours of the funeral homes of Hertfordshire; I’ve hunted werewolves in Hull and been chased by zombies through a nuclear bunker in Essex. At one point, the BBC even strapped me to an electric chair and threw spiders on me; this was after being blind-driven to a remote mansion which was staffed by a witch and a one-eyed butler. It’s all been part of a quest to understand why human beings are attracted to the creepy, kooky and downright repellent.' Peter recently told the Irish Times

According to the author's website he is a author, journalist, church minister, you tube presenter, film critic and weirdo. Peter is also knoweldgeble about the horror paperbacks I was brought up on, so he seems a perfect choice for an author's interview on the Tainted Archive -

 I'm currently in the process of setting up an interview with the Sinister Minister, so expect that here soon as well as a full review of The Frighteners which is available now in hardcover and eBook. For now we'll leave you with a little more from Peter himself.

'I’ve been a fan of horror, ghosts, and all things creepy my entire life. Which makes it slightly awkward when I also explain that I’m an ordained church minister, too. That feels odd. I get that. Like a Reverend should be a “professional nice person”. Yet I’ll happily blow heads off in a videogame and be the first person in the supermarket, when the novelty-fang aisle opens on Halloween.I’m also the creator of the thoroughly macabre series of crime novels, Purged and Unleashed. Both featuring the atheist ex-vicar Matt Hunter on the trail of religiously fuelled killers. These books pull zero punches when it comes to frights and violence and yet, people keep buying them.' Source, The Irish Times

Find a full feature on Peter HERE

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