Saturday, 10 December 2011

Archive's Sunday Comics - Cast Iron Chills

Today artist Martin Salvador is described elsewhere online simply as "Spanish painter". He has an impressive gallery of coastal landscapes and street scenes on You Tube and at his website. But as we have noted before, his career began in comics in his teens. The peak of international success in that medium was reached when his work appeared in the American black-and-white horror comics Creepy and Eerie. These magazines were published by the Warren company, unrestricted by the US "Comics Code Authority" rules that controlled content in the children's colour comics.

In 1971, James Warren began using artists represented by the Barcelona agency Selecciones Illustradas. Over the next few years, stunning work from the Spanish studios, Salvador's amongst it, was his magazines' main artistic strength.

For this Sunday's treat for comics aficionados, we have the opening pages of three of Salvador's contributions to Creepy ... plus a four-page adventure of the Iron Man.

Before his stint for the Warren Publishing Co., Salvador had drawn for Spanish and British comics, including the weekly instalments of the Iron Man strip that appeared in the Odhams titles Boys' World and Eagle from 1963 to 1969. Naturally, the Iron Man also featured in complete stories in the Odhams annuals. Here is one of these adventures, written by Keith Chapman and first published in Eagle Annual 1968.

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