Friday, 27 January 2012

DR WHO - Is Matt Smith on the way out?

With so many changes due in the next season of Doctor Who including several of the main cast leaving the show,  fans are wondering if Matt Smith too is about to call it a day. Matt hinted at such on a INTERNET message board last year but now that speculation has reached fever pitch the actor is stepping back from suggestions that he is to go.

"I always knew that me and Karen would have slightly different journeys in the show. People say, 'Are you not sad?' I am sad because I have enjoyed worked with Karen and Arthur [Darvill], they are wonderful guys. But the show is bigger than all of us actors in it. It's bigger than everyone in it and it will continue far longer, way after me ... I'm here for the future, I love working on the show. I have no plans to leave" Matt Smith

However Smith made comments at the National TV Awards that suggested that this season will be his last - ""I've got a year of Who and then I'll take it from there really," Smith said. "I am interested in films, I've always loved the idea and process of films and I am actually interested in directing."  Matt Smith

So will this next season be the last for Matt Smith's Doctor? No-one really knows but it's sure going to be interesting finding out. But between Matt Smith possibly hinting at the end of his tenure and a storyline that strongly suggests an end-point, the possibility of a Twelfth Doctor is starting to look a bit more likely and the bookies have now started taking bets on who will be the next Doctor.

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