Friday, 27 January 2012

Sherlock the third

Guy Ritchie is to make a third Sherlock Holmes movie but this time the story will be set in America - Guy is keen to shoot in the US – which will suit leading man Robert Downey Jr, who's based in the States.
A source said: "Guy has loved making the movies and he gets on really well with all the cast.
"But Robert's had to spend large parts of the year in the UK filming so will probably welcome the move back home.
"He loves the UK, and London in particular but having home comforts close by is such a big bonus."

Drew Pearce is  to write Sherlock Holmes 3. The deal will soon be sealed with Pearce, who is currently writing Iron Man 3, which will also star Downey.


gobshyte said...

i wanted to buy the dead walked but alas dont have a kindle.where can i get my hands on a paperback copy as i love all things zombie!!

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Hi at the moment The Dead Walked is only available as an eBook. However you can download the free Kindle for PC AP here -

And then read it on your PC or smartphone.

Thanks for your interest

gobshyte said...

ok thats sorted looking forward to reading this one.