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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sherlock Who???

Over the years many hundreds of actors have played the part of Sherlock Holmes worldwide, some of them have been brilliant and some of them dire. Below is a list of some well known actors you may have missed in the role.

Alec Baldwin - played Holmes on stage of Stephen Lawson's adaption of, A Study in Scarlet 1987

Michael Caine - played Holmes as a druken actor in the excellent Without a Clue

John Cleese - The Python giant was Holmes twice,once in 1973 and then again in 1977

Peter Cook - was Holmes in the dreadful comedy spoof, The Hound

Francis Ford - brother of director John Ford played the part in a 1914 version of A Study in Scarlet for Gold Seal( Universal) Films.

Stewert Granger - in Universal's 1972 TV movie of The HOund of the Baskervilles

Larry Hagman - JR himself in a 1976 Universal TVpilot, The World's Greatest Detecive. A proposed series never came about.

Charlton Heston - on stage in the Crucifer of Blood in 1980. Jeremy Brett, perhaps the screens's greatest Holmes was Watson to old Chuck's Holmes.

Roger Moore - In the dire Sherlock Holmes in New York, 20th Century Fox1976

Leonard Nimoy -on stage in a 1974 US tour. Also in the educational TV programme, The Interior Motive which had Holmes explaining the formation of the Earth.

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