Tuesday, 19 October 2010


This ABC television ad was made to promote the 5th season (the first to be filmed in color) which debuted in America in January 1967. Previously, in the spring of '66, the black & white 4th season was shown in the U.S. and proved popular enough for ABC to pay an unprecedented $2 million for 26 episodes. However, they insisted the new shows be in color.

This promo is the only colour footage of Diana Rigg in her iconic leather catsuit. Her wardrobe for the 5th season was entirely revamped with brightly colored outfits. The Arabian-style set was probably left over from "Honey for the Prince", the final 4th season episode. Note how Patrick Macnee suddenly changes from a regular suit to a tuxedo. Rigg also makes a split-second wardrobe change. This suggests this may have been edited together from two different versions.

The promo is followed by a classic Emma Peel action scene from "Death at Bargain Prices". This episode introduced the famous cat-suit. Mrs. Peel wore it -- along with silver gloves, boots, and a sash -- while working in a store's space-age toys department. She went on to wear this outfit, minus the silver boots, in many more fondly-remembered episodes.

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