Sunday, 10 October 2010

Doctor Who to follow Torchwood into USA production

Since it began in 1963, Doctor Who, and all its spin-off shows, have been produced in the UK, but could a move to the USA now be on the cards?
According to the Doctor Who News Page, the show's line producer, David Mason, has published brief details relating to a “USA Location Shoot” for the BBC's popular science-fiction drama series,

"DOCTOR WHO X1.2, Director: TBA, USA Location Shoot, Producer: Marcus Wilson." Since Doctor Who's return to TV screens in 2005, the show has seen huge success in many parts of the world, not least in the US, where it is broadcast by BBC America.

Fans are dismayed by the rumours that the show is to relocate to the US for its future production which is something that the BBC are currently denying. However it should be noted that the BBC also denied Torchwood was moving to the US but the current series is being made stateside.


Evan Lewis said...

Both series have been doing great stuff in the UK. Why mess with it?

Randy Johnson said...

Not good. Both shows would lose their distinct look, which I like, being done here in the States.