Friday, 29 October 2010


Proving that there's still a market for comic books for mature readers, the third issue of Clint Magazine is on sale now.

On the features front this issue leads with a look at Quentin Tarantino in which Steve O'Brain wonders what's next for the ultra hip director. There's also an interesting article looking at actors who were sacked from roles in movies that went onto to be massive hits -Eric Stoltz from Back to the Future to name but one, there's also an interview with Russel T Davies and a new section entitled, Badass cinema looks at none other than Clint Eastwood. And any magazine that features Clint Eastwood is going to find favour with the Tainted Archive.

The strips are all present and correct - Jonathan Woss's Turf about prohibition era vampires is proving a great read, as is American Jesus. Kick Ass 2 and Rex Royd. By far my favourite strip is Mark Miller's excellent Nemesis. This story was first printed in the US but here it is reproduced in a larger format which really benefits  Steve McNiven's amazing artwork - the full page panels are suitable for framing.

Clint makes comics cool again - all the mayhem and humour that made 2000AD a classic title back in the day is ramped up several knotches. In fact I think Clint is a better title than the present day 2000AD which, in my opinion, has lost its way. Clint is certainly fresher and the stories, being longer, have much more room to breath. The mixture of classic US reprints and all new material, as well as feature articles,  is just about right and gives a great reading experience.

Clint, as they say in comic book circles, rocks!

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