Thursday, 21 October 2010

Facebook founder hates movie of his life

After initially telling the world+dog that he would not see the flick about his life, Zuckerberg's ego apparently got the better of him and he settled down with his popcorn to watch it.
Apparently he is miffed that the film made it look as if he started Facebook 'to get girls'

According to the Independent, In a stinging review of the film, he told a crowd of aspiring entrepreneurs at an event at Stanford University that its producers "just can't wrap their heads around the idea that someone might build something because they like building things."
The movie looked at the early days of the foundation of the website, while Zuckerberg was an undergraduate at Harvard.
He is shown as ambitious, driven and intent on success for Facebook and is keen to get rid of his image as an isolated geek in his dorm room.
Zuckerberg said that it was interesting the stuff that they focused on getting right – like every single shirt and fleece they had in that movie is actually a shirt or fleece that he owned.
But the plot is based on the fact that a woman who never existed in real life, dumped him.
Now while he was dumped a lot in real life, the idea of the movie is that the whole reason for making Facebook is because he wanted to get girls, or wanted to get into clubs, he moaned.
The real story was that Zuckerberg has been with his current girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, since before the advent of Facebook.

Zuckerberg's comments have been greeted with surprise, partly because the thought of him having a real girlfriend had not occurred to most, but also because Facebook has been careful not to attack the film.
This is because the successful film is free publicity and doing no harm to the company's image.
However, Zuckerberg's claims that the woman described in the film was entirely fictitious may not be true. The Facebook Effect, an earlier book, claimed Zuckerberg had dated a Berkeley undergraduate during a break in his relationship with Chan.
Zuckerberg has always worried that people will look at the film and see his character when he was 19 and say 'Oh, well, he was like that... He must still be like that, right?'" 

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