Friday, 1 October 2010

eChildren's Books

A survey by the New York Times confirms what the Archive has been saying for some time - that eBooks will get children interested in reading again:

About 25 percent of the children surveyed said they had already read a book on a digital device, including computers and e-readers. Fifty-seven percent between ages 9 and 17 said they were interested in doing so.
Only 6 percent of parents surveyed owned an e-reader, but 16 percent said they planned to buy one in the next year. Eighty-three percent of those parents said they would allow or encourage their children to use the e-readers. After worries about video games, computers and other technology distracting children, the paper notes out that educators and parents hope to use the new devices to introduce children to reading. It makes sense considering children are so tech savvy now.

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