Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Barnes and Noble take a leaf from Amazon's eBook business module

An exciting development in the publishing world as Barnes and Noble's PubIt is released, a tool that allows authors to upload their ebooks for sale on the site. On Monday, October 4, 2010, Barnes and Noble announced that PubIt was made available for any author or publisher to upload their ebook titles to the Barnes and Noble website. Up until this point, select authors and titles were allowed to sell ebooks on their website.
Opening up the site for any publisher allows Barnes and Noble to better compete with its largest bookselling competitor, Amazon.com.

Pricing Ebooks for Barnes and Noble Nook Using PubIt Tool

With PubIt, an author can register, upload their ebooks and book covers, and name their price within minutes. Barnes and Noble allows authors to set a price anywhere from 99 cents to $199.99. Authors receive 65 percent of any title that is priced between $2.98 and $10.00. For ebooks priced below or above those parameters, royalties are reduced to 40 percent.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I saw that. will have to check it out.