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Wednesday, 15 July 2009


The awards have been given, an anthology published and we'll have full details soon on The Archive and a review of the anthology. I received the following email this morning from the events co-ordinator and well - never turn down the offer of a free book.

Thanks guys.

Hello Gary,

many thanks for getting back to us.

And many thanks for putting a link to us on 'Tainted Archive' it has sent
many, many visitors our way.

We've just had our awards ceremony and published our latest anthology and
wondered whether we could send you a copy to say thank you for putting
lots of people our way but also because there's one story in particular in the
anthology which you might be interested in.
It's written by John V Breen who is an associate member of the Western Writers
of America. The story is about the Alamo and Louis Rose in particular.

May we send you a copy ?

best wishes


Joe Melia
Bristol Short Story Prize Co-ordinator


Nik Morton said...

Good news, this, Gary. For a number of years I've edited John V Breen's fiction. He's a damned fine writer. Unfortunately, he doesn't own a computer - else I'd have twisted his arm to contribute to the Express Westerns anthology.

Charles Gramlich said...

That's very nice and thoughtful of them. Cool!