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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Widgets and the Tarnished Podcast

There are some cool blog widgets about - check out the ones in the right hand sidebar of this blog - they are free and if you click on the GRAB THIS button beneath each widget you can grab one for your blog. My favourite is the one that show me the worldwide readership - my biggest readership is in the USA which is super cool for a western writer. But I've got readers from all over - China, Australia, Canada, UK, Russia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Africa, Poland and load of other countries - now that gives me a kick and I thank everyone, everywhere, who loads up the Tainted Archive.

That's got to be cool and shows the potential reach of blogs. What I find awesome is that you can write something and instantly you press publish people anywhere in the world can read it.

That's truly awesome!!!!

The Tainted Podcast episode four will go live this weekend - this time it's a wild west Monday announcement episode with loads of cool stuff going on but we'll also be looking at a movie and a few books. If you subscribe it'll download automatically to Itunes or whatever pod grabber you use or of course you can listen to it here on the Archive.

And coming up very soon we've got some more interviews and I've got some great features planned. There's also a detailed interview with myself coming soon on MERIDIAN BRIDGE
which is fast becoming an essential read in the western blogospheare. And so I leave you with a random picture - this is my garden earlier this evening. I'm pleased with the way it's growing quite healthily so I thought I'd share a pic. After all this is a blog at the end of the day so you should expect to come across the odd gardening picture but I promise you - no cats!


Laurie Powers said...

Fantastic garden - I love it. The cat picture - not so much.

Unknown said...

Black Horse Extra doesn't have your cool widget, Gary, but it does receive daily reports from the web hosting service giving similar stats.

The latest report (on a page loads basis) begins: US 466, Great Britain 83, China 52, New Zealand 16, Australia 15, Sweden 15, Russian Federation 10.

Now the site exists primarily to promote a line of books that circulates largely in the UK and Commonwealth. In fact, we've been told by the publisher, and by literary agents and other publishers in the US, that Americans will not look at the books.

Readership of the Archive and the Extra tends to prove this is a fallacy. The world-wide interest is "awesome", but the next step must be either to increase the reach to potential British readers, or to find a way for our US friends to gain readier access to the westerns of many of the authors we write about.

I was pleased to see New Zealand, a country of a mere 4 million people, high on both the lists.