Friday, 29 January 2010

Andrea Hughes dreams of the Wild West

The Old West is a place I have dreamed of for as long as I can remember. Blame it on such programmes as "How the West Was Won" or on the fact my great grandfather was a pioneer himself. It doesn't really matter. This dream has carried right through my life, and is still as passionate now as it ever was.
So why the Old West and why Black Horse Westerns? As for the Old West, it is a story in itself. Wide open spaces, a wilderness yet to be conquered, brave men determined to conquer it and a proud native people not willing to give it up easily. There is so much scope for able writers to get their teeth into. And this is where Black Horse Westerns come in.
Forget the traditional "shoot 'em ups" with the bad guy in black, and the good guy being whiter than white. Black Horse Westerns exploit the mystery, the danger and the dichotomy of the Old West. These are stories rich with complex characters and exciting adventures that will keep the reader gripped until the end. I remember, once, going through a difficult period. I devoured about two Black Horse Westerns a day for a whole week. They are the perfect escape in this modern, stress filled society.
So, if you want all of the above, written by talented writers devoted to their craft, you can't go wrong with Black Horse Westerns.

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