Saturday, 30 January 2010

Q&A with Nicola Edwards - head publicity for the BHW range

1-Over recent years the internet has made it easier for writers to publicise their own work and the BH imprint in general. Have you noticed any increase in interest in the books this last year?

I think the main difference is that the people who are interested in these books now have a community and a way of finding out about new books in the genre.

2-Given the current difficult economic climate how confident are you that the Black Horse books will still be here this time next year?

Those predictions are always difficult to make but we’ve actually increased our output of BHW from six to seven titles a month since I’ve been with Robert Hale.

3-Mr Hale mentioned last year that you would be watching the eBook market. Are there any definite plans to move into this market?

Actually yes. We’re publishing our first ever ebook in May 2010. It will be a version of No Less Than The Journey by the godfather of Cornish fiction, E.V Thompson, and we’re very excited about it.

4-What are Hale looking for in a western?

Action, pace, great characterisation. Everything we look for in a general fiction title really.

5-HALE are one of very few publishers open to new talent and we would like to thank you all for that. So what advice would you give new authors trying to write a western for the imprint?

Read the classics- like westerns by Owen G. Irons, Dempsey Clay and Rory Black among others. Then, when you know what’s been popular in the past, see what you can do that’s fresh. Put your own stamp on your book and make it original.

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