Friday, 29 January 2010


There are two web sites that I'd like to bring to your attention. Both concern the Black Horse Western range as published by Robert Hale LTD as well as the genre at large.

These are - Black Horse Express and Black Horse Extra

Both sites are designed to promote the Black Horse Western range by giving the dedicated bunch of talented writers a voice and a web presence.

The sites contain interviews, historical features, articles examining the western genre in both print and film.

I'm a Black Horse author myself, or will be next June, but I've always visited these sites and found the articles and features all make interesting reading. Black Horse Extra publishes the online magazine Extra which features much genre news and reviews as well as interesting articles. One recent article I loved asked, can a western be noir? Black Horse Express also features many interesting articles and features which are added to regularly.

(Pictured Chap who keeps the black horse extra site in order, though stresses it is very much a collaborative site with many western writers providing copy)

Of course the Black Horse western range itself provides much excitement for western buffs and has been the choice of discerning western fans for years. The stable of writers John Hale has gathered under the Black Horse Corral are truly remarkable in providing no nonsense, all action, traditional westerns.

They provide much variety and between the Black Horse Covers can be found stories of exploration, suspense, empire building, cattle drives, outlaws, killers, romance - pretty much everything under the sun.

I know a great many of my blog readers are western fans and no doubt, some will know of these sites, but I urge anyone who hasn't seen them to visit them now, bookmark them, visit regularly as updates are always interesting.

A parting note - today I was emailed by Black Horse Extra editor, Chap Okeefe and told that I would be mentioned in the next issue of the Extra. I look forward to seeing that and of course it'll provide another opportunity to plug my forthcoming novel.

And remember for the best in western adventure, romance and action watch for the sign of the black horse.


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