Sunday, 31 January 2010

We've done it

I make it a total of 103 posts or thereabouts - we've smashed the target, but then the Black Horse range is so varied that it's not really a problem. I would especially like to thank Steve M and Evan Lewis for all the reviews and bestow Archive Noprize awards on them both.

If you've never tried a Black Horse western then I do hope this weekend has encouraged you to do so - a great place to start would be the excellent A Fistful of Legends anthology. Whilst not strictly a Black Horse title, it will give you a taster of several writers who produce work for the imprint.

Why not join the Black Horse community? Make sure you read the free online magazines Black Horse Express and Black Horse Extra. And of course keep visiting the Archive for all the Black Horse news as soon as we get it. And remember those Black Horse Westerns are bigger than Harry Potter.


Steve M said...

Congratulations on achiving your goal Gary....oh yeah, and thanks for the Noprize. :-)

Unknown said...

Congratulations on an extraordinary effort! I hope this will bring Black Horse Westerns the audience and exposure they so richly deserve. Thanks for letting me be a small part of it. Three cheers for a marvelous Black Horse Weekend!

Jerry House said...

Congratulations! I think the word "megaposting" will have to be coined in your honor. Oops! I mean honour. Some really great reading here.

Evan Lewis said...

Great job, Gary! You must be exhausted. My finger is sore from all the clicking.

I.J. Parnham said...

One day stories will be told of the day when one man stood alone on a windswept street to meet his destiny armed only with a keyboard and a dream, a dream to post 100 Black Horse Western articles in only one weekend, and how when he stood alone and victorious, the townsfolk did stand as one and chant, that man shall henceforth be legend.

Great stuff, Gary. Weeks of great reading there. Now go lie down for a month or two.

Ray said...

Gary - I've got two words for you - well done.
An absolutely fantastic marathon of which you should be proud.
It can only bode well for the Black Horse Western brand.
And to anyone else reading this comment - if you want to know more then join the Black Horse Western community. A warm welcome awaits.

Oscar Case said...

And I've got two more words for you, GREAT JOB! I'll be reading on them for months. THANKS!