Saturday, 30 January 2010

Liberty and a Law Badge by Chap O'Keefe western fiction review

Popular Black Horse writer, Chap O'Keefe has recently set up his own publishing house to produce paperbacks of his work that does not easily fit into the Black Horse stable. So far there have been two excellent books. This is a review of the second BHE paperback provided by Western Fiction Review.

As by Chap O’Keefe

January 2010

Crazy Bob McGill played Peeping Tom at Devil’s Lake and his old heart was pierced. The young woman Sheriff Dan Vickers had brought to share the isolation of his fishing retreat was McGill’s sweet daughter, Liberty. What McGill didn’t learn was that Liberty had been blackmailed. Her self-sacrifice was to preserve the dubious security of marriage to a spineless rancher Tom Tolliver, caught changing a cattle brand with a running-iron.

Meanwhile, Joshua Dillard, ex-Pinkerton agent and range detective, came to Montana working undercover for Vickers’ boss, cattle baron Barnaby Lant. He quickly clashed with Vickers’ deputies, supposed allies, and Vickers’ wife Sophie, on her own vengeance trail.

Then lynching and gunplay muddied the picture. Could Joshua bring justice to the range and save Liberty? MORE

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