Friday, 29 January 2010

Taggart's Revenge by Peter Taylor

Taggart's Revenge
Peter Taylor
Black Horse Westerns
Published 1991 cover price £6.95

Wes Taggart is on the trail of a group of Commanchero's led by the ex-confederate Jebediah Slade a man responsible for shooting down his folks on their plantation shortly after the Civil War.

Taggart meets up with a negro, Jim Bass, who is also trailing Slade and through a series of circumstances they become reluctant partners is hunting down Slade but first they will have to deal with the Commanches who are buying weapons from the man and determined to protect their supply lines at all costs.

You know what you're getting with a Black Horse Western - a thrilling, no nonsense, exciting story written in the way they were written back in the day. I've not read anything else by this author and there are no other titles mentioned inside the book but I found it an enjoyable read that keeps the reader, once hooked, turning the pages.

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