Friday, 29 January 2010

Cissy's Heebie Jeebies

WE INTERRUPT THE BLACK HORSE WESTERN WEEKEND TO ANNOUNCE: There is a new story over on A Twist of Noir by yours truly. This time an horror tale, Cissy's Heebie Jeebies with some extreme imagery.

The editor said:
CISSY'S HEEBIE JEEBIES is now up at A Twist Of Noir.

Horror, yes, but I could also see through to the noirish elements of it and
actually saw this as a black and white movie from the early fifties,
something in the vein of DOA, except, of course, Edmond O'Brien was poisoned
whereas Cissy is just on her way off the planet.

Still I could see Cissy as she shuffled along towards the bridge looking
very much like O'Brien shuffling into the police station at the beginning of

This story was a lot different than anything that's on ATON right now (and
I seem to be getting a bit of that kind of thing lately) but it was
excellently done and I'm happy to give it a home.

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