Sunday, 31 January 2010

Business as usual

I made mention of this earlier but it was tucked away amongst all the Black Horse Western celebrations - I would like to being attention to a new story of mine on Twist of Noir - Cissy's Heebie Jeebies -

This story was originally published in Peeping Tom magazine (issue 15) in 1995. A small press magazine, it was well regarded and the story here was voted third best of the year. It’s a dark, brooding, horror tale – a genre I was working with at the time. I still like this story and in order to give it a wider home on the World Wide Web, I have revisited it but changed very little. I think it still stands up.

I was on a horror kick at the time - devouring Clive Barker's Books of Blood and so this story, influenced by Barker and writers of that ilk, contains some extreme imagery. But I do think the story stands up. Find it HERE

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Unknown said...

Not BtaP, though. Twist of Noir.