Monday, 11 January 2010


Robert Hale LTD, publishers of the Black Horse Western range, will take their first steps into eBooks when this May they publish No Less than the Journey by E. V. Thomson in eBook format.

Make sure you attend the Black Horse Weekend here on the Tainted Archive, Jan 29th 2010, for more news from Robert Hale LTD.

No less than the Journey: Wesley Curnow, a young Cornish miner, arrives in the United States to seek an uncle who is working on the mines in Missouri. Taking passage on a boat from New York, bound for New Orleans, he meets up with a charismatic U.S. marshal who is en route to the western territories to bring law to the area.After a gun fight with pirates on the Mississippi River and an encounter with an attractive half-Mexican croupier, Wes parts company with his companions only to find his uncle has been forced to move away. Wes faces a serious altercation with German miners, meets and old 'Mountainman' who teaches him proficiency with a revolver, and then faces a journey overland through inhospitable country. But can he survive the journey?


Charles Gramlich said...

I just hope they keep putting out the printed books too.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Charles printed books are here for a long long time but this is an exciting development.

Nik Morton said...

I've got the hardback print version of this book in my TBR pile. Hale also published a paperback version (a rare event). EV is a great storyteller.

alex said...

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