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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Delta Rose arrives

The official publication date is July 29th, but I just received my package of complimentary copies from my publisher this morning. As with all of their titles, Delta Rose is a fine looking little hardcover. I'm especially pleased with the cover painting to this one - the ageing figure, a thoughtful look on his face, in the image perfectly represents the feel of what is a contemplative western.

As I say it's officially published on the 29th but Amazon and other book sellers usually ship the books a week or so early, so pre-order now and you'll be reading the book in no time.

THE BALLAD OF DELTA ROSE: After more than twenty years of living a life on the road, Delta Rose returns to the ranch he once owned with his fiancee, Etta James. A bullet wedged close to his heart has dealt Delta the dead man's hand. He soon discovers Etta has a secret: they have a son who, by now a young man, is in trouble. He is charged with both robbery and murder. Can Delta redeem himself for a past ill spent and save the life of the son he never knew he had?

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