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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

eBook piracy

eBook piracy - The Good eReader Blog has an interesting article in which the author claims piracy is a valuable marketing tool.

Many people write off piracy and torrents, as people who just steal content and contribute nothing to the author. The proliferation of piracy in the digital age is growing at a staggering pace and is a part of our online social fabric. In some cases piracy changed the entire landscape of the industry, such as Napster and digital distribution models. Authors don’t have to be afraid of piracy but can instead use it as a valuable marketing tool and serve as a means to freely distribute your own eBook.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Read it, couldn't really buy it. The kind of person who downloads free ebooks basically goes on looking for stuff that's free. They're not likely to be converted into a fan who will move on to buying a particular author's work, however good. Discrimination is not a big enough part of their make-up. And why is it necessary to steal the results of other people's work? Many of the self-publishing writers price at least one of their books at 99c as a kind of loss leader. Surely that's not too high a price to ask of someone who wants to sample before spending harder-earned cash.