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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Wild West eMonday - The Magnificent eSeven 6

I had to include at least one all time classic western amongst The Magnificent eSeven and it had to be this one. Why? Well I read it for the first time ever recently as a Kindle eBook and was stunned.

The movie that came from this book is, to my mind, the best western movie ever made and the book is just as good, if anything the book is far more powerful in dealing with the racist aspects of the lead character. Ethan Edwards becomes Amos Edwards in this  great American masterpiece, which served as the basis for the classic John Wayne film, two men with very different agendas push their endurance beyond all faith and hope to find a little girl captured by the Comanche.

It's a brutal read but it doesn't pull any punches in dealing with attitudes that were common in frontier America. A true work of art.

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