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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wild West eMonday - To Tame a Graphic-Land

Sunday is usually comic book day on the Archive, but seeing as we're heading towards Wild West eMonday you get an extra fix this week. In our Terry James feature the author listed Louis L'amour's, To Tame a Land as one of her desert island westerns. Well thanks to Keith Chapman AKA Chap O'Keefe and his vast archive we are able to present scans from a 1958 comic book version of the story - here are 3 pages from  a 64-page picture-strip adaptation of that novel published in the UK in 1958 by the Amalgamated Press as part of its Thriller Picture Library. The artist was Robert Forrest.
"Barry Ford", who played the words part in producing this early graphic novel, was Joan Whitford, a prolific contributor of western stories and scripts to the Fleetway House comics, and a close friend of managing editor Leonard Matthews. 

Remember click on any image for a readable version


Charles Gramlich said...

To tame a land is my favorite L'Amour too. I would have liked to have read this graphic novel, but that first panel really defuses the story if you ask me.

Unknown said...

Your "his vast archive" made me smile, Gary. I usually call it, with honesty, my "boxes in the basement". Steve M, of Western Fiction Review, is the man who really does have an archive: thousands upon thousands of western books.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Boxes in a basement - archive. What's in a name? And we'll see more from your vast, boxes for tomorrow's Sunday comics.