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Sunday, 31 July 2011


EBooks have now gone mainstream – the sales figures prove it. And one of the implications of the rise of digital books is that previously ignored genre fiction can be made more readily available than ever before. Take the western for instance, which has been conspicuous by its absence from most book stores for a great many years, but thanks to the popularity of eBooks has made a comeback. Visit any eBook store and the chances are better than good that they will have an eBook section devoted entirely to westerns – the coolest genre of them all.

Which leads us to our Magnificent eSeven eBooks, each of which will provide top quality western writing and we hope you enter into the spirit of things and buy one of these eBooks, or indeed any other western, this Wild West eMonday. Go on – spend a few pennies and show the authors who have worked hard to provide this Wild West eMonday weekend of western posts, that all our efforts are worth it. It’s a win/win situation for the reader, since we guarantee that each of the very different westerns selected in our Magnificent eSeven will provide top quality entertainment, but beware they are dangerous and will likely lead to severe genre addiction.
So come on folks and enter into the spirit of Wild West eMonday and buy a western eBook this Wild West eMonday. You don't have to select one of our Magnificent eSeven but each title is guaranteed to entertain.

The eSeven are (with links to further info)

Later on today, it's Monday where I live, Wild West eMonday, we will give you the rest of the images in the competition to win a signed copy of The Ballad of Delta Rose and from there on in it's business as usual on The Archive. Thanks to everyone who helped make this weekend of western posts so varied and interesting and thanks to all those who buy a western eBook today.

How about letting us know what you bought in the comments section of this post. PRETTY PLEASE!

Saddle up - It's Wild West eMonday!!!!

Oh and what did that curious image I've been randomly posting mean? Why it's Wild Bill Williams but more of that later...much later.

This Wild West eMonday has been brought to you by,"I'MF**KINGSHATTEREDNOWPRODUCTIONS."


Unknown said...

Wow! Enough posted over the weekend to keep anyone busy reading for a month of Mondays. Well done.

Unknown said...

Hear, hear! Another great Western eMonday, Gray. I can certainly attest to the Kindle (and Nook) breathing new life into my two edgy Westerns, Pistolero and The Dark Riders. Heck, I was even the #4 Western in Germany for an evening! (Hmmm, can I call myself the king of the Strudel Westerns now? Nah!)
Anyway, I hope everybody will support Gary's considerable efforts in presenting this weekend of Western and try as many of the authors' books as they can. With a price range of 99c to $4 there's nothing to lose and a ton of Western enjoyment to be had.

Randy Johnson said...

I'm having a fine time with the posts. Of your seven, I have four already(only one in paper) and I just added the O'Keefe.

Still a book man at heart, I have embraced ebooks fully. I remember the Stephen King quote about ebooks. "...just another delivery system."

Jo Walpole said...

I bought an e-western last week so that will have to count towards today. I'd say that probably 10% of the westerns I read now I buy on Kindle and read on my phone. The upside is that I've always got something to read - one beside the bed and one wherever the heck I like!

Davieboy said...

I bought "The Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles" and I already have "Follow the Stone". Would like to get into the "Edge" series next.
Thanks for all your posts.

Edward A. Grainger said...

I bought a collection of Robert E. Howard's short stories, Gary.

Thanks again for allowing Cash Laramie the chance to ride the digital range at The Tainted Archive.

And thank you, Davieboy! I hope you enjoy.

Theresa said...

I love westerns and most of all I love e-books because I'm reading everyday on my way to work. I just downloaded a great western e-book from all you can books and I can't wait to read those you've recommended here.
Thanks for your post.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I bought four eBooks myself - none of the eSeven mind as I already have them all. No I picked up a couple of Louis L'amours and Bradford Scott's The Cowpuncher.